There’s nothing worse than having to throw out boxes of printed materials because you’re moving your store or office. Actually, there is one thing that’s worse. Covering your old address with a sticker!

In many cases you can avoid all that by simply replacing your physical address with your web address and phone number. Your website isn’t going anywhere, and anyone who needs your physical address knows they can get it on line. And since phone numbers also move … well, you get the idea.

This strategy is particularly effective in the corporate world, because customers are not typically driven to corporate locations. In the retail world, where the idea is to drive traffic to a precise location, including the physical address is unavoidable . Of course you can minimize waste by planning ahead and adjust your order quantities if there’s even a hint of change on the horizon.

Another matter that creates a lot of waste is employee turnover. No sooner does that brochure with employee bios come off the press, one of the people featured is gone. And so is your brochure. Instead, try to eliminate “perishable” content which, again, can be published on your web site.